Sunday, September 7, 2008

Is Alaska a Lost Cause for Obama?

The Anchorage Daily News reports that McCain's poll numbers in Alaska experienced a 34-point shift during the RNC, as Sarah Palin was rolled out onto the national stage without imploding:

Poll finds GOP got bump up

Just as Obama's earlier numbers in Alaska go to show, we like to feel included up here. Like someone notices us, and cares (or "projects empathy" as the modern media might say). Obama opened offices here; his campaign seemed to really believe he had a chance to win. We were finally part of a national campaign strategy (and not even a true 50-state one). It was working, and largely because no one likes to be taken for granted. Of course, the GOP corruption backlash didn't hurt. The Sarah Palin VP choice has trumped all the offices opened and lip service paid, though. As much as people are complaining that the national media is crawling around Wasilla and writing articles packed with errors and stereotypes, Alaskans are loving the attention. My bet is the high polling numbers will hold, and Obama oughtn't bother to visit us anymore.

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